Our vision: a healthy and inclusive world.

Our focus is the long-term health and wellness of our members. We support programs and groups that improve the lives of people with IDD/MH/SUD. Examples include community organizations, cultural competence training, and event sponsorships. With a team approach – and the voice of communities – amazing things are possible.

Outreach & advocacy
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Our approach: to innovate and inspire.

We pioneered a community-based method of managing unique health needs. This delivers measurable outcomes that we use to better serve you. Our efforts have an impact on people’s lives because we believe in what we do and we care for the people we serve. We don’t just arrange coverage and process payments. Our teams empower members and families to lead their best lives.

Who we are
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Our commitment: A diverse team and environment

Our members and our organization benefit from having a diverse team of professionals working together to improve care. We value different perspectives, cultures, and viewpoints, and we are committed to upholding cultural competency in all we do.

Diversity & inclusion
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Our organization

As a managed care organization (MCO), we help people with complex health needs get access to services they need. Our coverage supports people throughout 20 North Carolina counties. 

Outreach & Advocacy

Learn how we raise our voices to support people living with IDD/MH/SUD.

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